About UFSC

President UFSC Dorin Damir

UFSC – Union of Contact Sports Federations in the Republic of Moldova was created in 2018, keeping in mind the following goals:

• Promotion and development of contact sports in the Republic of Moldova;
• The popularization of contact sports and healthy lifestyle among youth and children;
• Creating a communication platform between the federations concerned;
• Create a common schedule of annual sports events;
• Lobbying federations’ interests in front of state and international structures;
• Promoting the best amateur athletes in world-class professional projects;
• Annual organization of the International Contact Sports Festival;
• Supporting and involving veterans of contact sports.

On the day of the founding the union was formed between:
• FEA – Fighting Entertainment Association – professional league, president, Dorin Damir;
• World Amateur K-1 Federation (WAK-1F) – presided by Octavian Orheianu;
• Muaythai National Boxing Federation of RM (IFMA) – presided by Artur Grosu;
• National Federation of Mixed Martial Arts – president, Pavel Pocatilov;

• National Federation of Wrestling – president, Ion Gheorghiu;
• National Kickboxing Federation – president, Tudor Gorea;
• Grappling Federation – ADCC – presided by Eugen Petrachi;
• Jiu-Jitsu Federation – president, Roman Babii.