Happy Birthday to Ion Gheorghiu !!!

UFSC Contact Sports Union, FEA Association and EAGLES FC project congratulate the Ex Secretary of State for Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova, Ion Gheorghiu on his birthday !!!
Ion Gheorghiu, over the years of his work has achieved brilliant results as an athlete, coach, leader and teacher. He was at the president of the Wrestling Federation of Moldova, the head coach of the MMA national team. He is a colonel of the police. Additionally, he was the teacher in the sports department at the Police Academy of the Republic of Moldova. Meawhile, in his sports career, he is a multiple champion of Europe and World !!! Ion Gheorghiu is the European champion who defended his title, as well. He also became one of the first fighters to perform in a professional ring at the dawn of K-1.

Over the years of his coaching, Ion Gheorghiu has grown a galaxy of famous athletes who became multiple world and European champions. To be noted that he is the best Moldavian commentator of the tournaments hosted by the FEA association, his voice and name are recognizable not only in Moldova, but abroad too.
We sincerely wish you health, happiness, perseverance, vitality, well-being and success in your coaching career. Energy and eternal youth of the mind-set! Happy Birthday!
Respectfully,the FEA Association President, Founder of the EAGLES FC and UFSC Projects, Dorin Damir.